Lordship and Self Identity

I have been reading John Frame’s Systematic Theology lately. It’s a refreshing look at systematic theology when what you are used to is a more arrogant perspective. He is very honest from the beginning that all human perspective has a lens, a direction, a bias through which they are seeing things. The lens through which he chooses to approach systematic theology is that of the lordship of God (in all three of His persons). I am completely enraptured with this idea! I am loving going through the truths if scripture with this idea in mind the whole time. It gives such a helpful and clear bent to what I am learning or reviewing about the truth of the doctrines of God’s word to us.

My favorite point so far has been his perspective on the “image of God” that humanity is in the world. The lordship of God he represents in three interconnected parts. And this is how he represents the image bearing of mankind. Authority, Control, and Presence.

Control is bespeaking the command God has given man to have dominion over all that live on the earth. This is the cultural mandate. That we are to make the earth a place for man, and also keep it as a servant to the one who made it.

Authority is pertaining to the furthering of God’s word in His world. It’s the continuation of the creation ordinances by the handing down of the word of God. Prophetic office, if you would.

Presence has to do with what we would call the “humanity” of man. The fact that we are not just something hovering over the earth having no connection to the little pieces we move here and there. We are to physically lead the world in it’s worship of God, through all of our labors here. Whatever we do, doing all to the glory of God.

This makes me excited to move forward in my days! It makes me feel empowered by my creator! My favorite part has to be when he states that this image bearing is not different for women. I have to say this is the first time I have read from a theologian that women are meant to have authority, control, or active presence in the world. Mostly they just talk about what we can’t do.

Thanks John Frame for glorifying God by bearing His image well to the world, and empowering this woman to fulfill her calling as well!!

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