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Mary, sister of Lazarus

Mary is a little oblivious, but a lover of Gods Word.

Fostering to Adopt : Myth Busting

Foster care and adoption are different things. Fostering to adopt is a real thing, and a myth, at the same time. When you foster, the focus is reunification.

The Mountaintop and James Study

A glimpse into the next few months for the blog, and my perspective on the mountaintop post that's trending today.


My hope for this morning. And I'm not usually hopeful in the morning. 😉

Biblical Boundary Building

We have been working through some tough stuff at our house. Bottom line, we need better boundaries with people we thought we could trust. By the grace of God around the time that this all came to a head I also heard that Esther Hosea had finished her book on biblical boundaries. I am friends... Continue Reading →


Truth, in purest form That soft touchless caress reaching from somewhere within my reach, and yet beyond What are your secrets of color of line your view on struggle your endurance in time What can I learn when you give me the vision see when you give me sight Too far? Too much? When the... Continue Reading →

5 Things I’ve Struggled with as a Blogger

There are issues like writers block, time constraints, or even "the cat knocked my coffee on the computer" dilemmas. These are my top 5.

Eve – ezer, not after thought

Often the message to women is that we only exist to complete men. Gods purposes are much greater than that!

On Prayer

A post on prayer. Through the worst of my struggle I have learned about the power to move the tallest mountains. The ones within myself.

Power in Weakness

I have felt like giving up on this writing thing since I don't know what to say in my trials. This is a start. A step one to understanding what I'm walking through.

Polar Vortex

It's a comfort knowing that the last time things were this cold was five years ago when one of my sons was born. There were ice dams like a ski jump off the windows in my hospital room. So much for the record setting of 2014. We are about to blow that out of the... Continue Reading →

The Daughters’ Inheritance – on Job’s daughters

A beautifully written article about Jobs daughters from Anne Mackie Morelli.
Job gave his daughters a legacy much grander then simple economics and mere beauty. He sought to emulate his God and celebrate their innate worth.

Step 1 in a Fresh Direction

I'm excited to announce I've finally made the connection on Bloglovin! Please find me there! I'm just figuring it all out!

What do you do for Christmas?

There is scripture that speaks to how we celebrate the coming of the messiah. Could this relate to Christmas?

Positivity Monday

Perhaps it's the caffeine talking (I never drink coffee and did today) but I am ready to face the world today! Brace for JoyMonday's are overwhelming. Sometimes just life in general. Yet, today I have a word of encouragement for those of us who need it most. Trial and PeaceI'm in the middle of some... Continue Reading →

Colorado Love

In Colorado I love it. Should I stay or should I go?


I'm reading the Frankenstein this fall. What are you reading?

Blogtober Burnout

I'm feeling a little burned out over blogging everyday. I'm glad I committed to it though. It's exposed some of what I need to "lay aside" to "run the race" better. Hebrews 12:1

Sunday Morning

A look at Philippians 4 to help focus us on true peace.

A pause for Encouragement

That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it... Continue Reading →

Hunting Season

Some thoughts on how I (can't) handle hunting season.

The SAD Days

A day in my seasonally affected life.

INFJ – the Advocate

When taking a personality test can make a difference.

No more baby phase: part 2

I thought our family was complete. Does God intend more?

The Woman, Wisdom Proverbs 4:1-9

Wisdom is a Woman in proverbs. And so is folly. What does this mean for us?

Short Story Sunday: love and life

A story about learning what love really is.

No more baby season

Who knew it could be so hard?

Unforgivable, by Giosue Petrone

The Story A lovely African woman is cooking outside her home. It's mid afternoon and she calls after some children running by. She begins to tell us a little about her family, her ethnicity, and a piece of her life struggle. That's when you notice her movements are a little odd. She seems normal in... Continue Reading →

Blogger Award! What?!

This is the second time in one week that I have been nominated for a blogging award and I am so... shocked! Thank you to Pamela at Help Momma Sparkle for your gracious nomination. Here are the questions she asked me and the others to answer. After my answers you will see my nominations along with... Continue Reading →

Tapestry of Calling

When you are wondering about if you are doing what you should be in life, we can look to scripture to keep us pointed in the direction of truth. I had written this post (and never actually posted it) some months ago and was very encouraged when I read it again. Hopefully it will bless your day as well!

Blogger Awards!

I had no idea that blogger awards were a thing until this week when I was nominated for TWO! Thank you so much to Erica at Grand Fashion Life for your nomination! I had no idea what that meant at the time, so I'm sorry this post is coming so late! Thank you , too, for... Continue Reading →

Blogtober… I’m going for it!

That time again. And for me, the first time! Blogtober is that fabulous time of year when all the beautifully skilled writers who flood the internet take to developing their craft by posting their handywork EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am going to try my skill and throw in with them! It's blogtober. Already. And I'm... Continue Reading →

What is a Woman?

This spoken word performance by Jackie Hill Perry is stunning! You should take the time today to listen to what she has to say about the identity of women. What is a Woman? It all comes back to God, and what He says we are. Praise Him!! Image from Genius with her music, which is... Continue Reading →

On life… True Womanhood?

I like this old post from March and was wanting to reshare it today.

The Modern Hadassah

So, I have a lot inside me tonight. And I will write because if I don’t create I go mad. (Can I get an amen from anyone!?) And so, I ruminate here.

I have struggled recently, for the first time I must admit, with being a woman. I am faced with what might be considered a mid life crisis. (Although, I hope not being I’m barely 30. That doesn’t bode well for my longevity.) I am past the point of baring more children and all the difficulty that consumes your life along with that. And, thus, am looking into a future beyond these little years and wondering, “what will that look like?”

Average questions, right? These are things to ponder relevantly at most junctures. The difficulty is that as I have pressed into these questions, hoping to answer them with opportunities for growth and quality investment, I have met with…

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Beautiful morning

What a gorgeous morning! The sun poured in my windows and skylights like the beacon of a lighthouse with the honey glow that only the morning gives to it. I'm not normally a morning person, but when the sun greets me with its happiness after several long days of rain I feel ready to bounce... Continue Reading →

Short Story Sunday: Now

Shuffling papers quickly, I finish my passing time necessities just in time to catch a glimpse of her coming down the hall. She has her eyes rolling back and forth from wall to wall and along the floor in between, as she usually does. She moves at a long paced saunter down the hall, stopping... Continue Reading →

A writers lament

The struggle is real! I really want to spend more time in long form content and have some great topics, but I cannot seem to find the time! Summer is winding to a close and the school year is revving up. I don't have all the books I need year and really need to focus... Continue Reading →

Hosea 14

This is the last chapter of Hosea, and so full of hope! God is represented as dew and shadow for the budding spirit within us.

Hosea 13

Another glimpse into Gods wrath against sin. We have a chance to hope in God, or turn on Him in our suffering. What will we chose?

Framework for peace

Matthew 11:25-30 At that time Jesus declared, “I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you have hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to little children; 26 yes, Father, for such was your gracious will.[g] 27 All things have been handed over to me by my Father, and no one... Continue Reading →


Is my investment of time and energy (and stress) worth it? Some hope from Ecclesiasties.

Cluster *

A short musing poem on summer chaos.

Not from Hosea

Just a word of encouragement for those in the trenches.

A moment of pause

A simple praise from the 1600's to bring some perspective for my day.

Hosea 12

Kind of a confusing chapter. When you dig in you can really see the beauty of Hope in God. Our strength leads us where we shouldn't go.

Summer Solstice …

Half way through year and what do you have to show? I'd wager, more than you know!

The Rose of Sharon

The Shulamite is a wonderful example of the romantic depth we can have as humans, and the beauty of Christ's passion for the church.

Hosea 11

The focus of this chapter is the love of the Father for His children and the wieght of their sinful acts.

Ancient fiction

I love old books! One of the things I look forward to is passing them on to the next generation, chock full of their knowledge...

Racial Crisis

I'm fortunate to have experiences that lend themselves to understanding this time we live in and the social justice frameworks that are being laid out. I hope that this can be the beginning of an ongoing conversatioon about the importance of perspective in racial and cultural issues.

Hosea 10

Hosea is a book of warning of judgement of sin, yet throughout you see the message of hope that God has for all that would "break up the fallow ground".

Crisis, the SBC and Me

I have been struggleing through what is happening in the SBC and my own experiences in my church.


I feel odd not having posted again until this. I have been hard core wrestling with the developments in the SBC and how that relates to women in the church. I promise, I will have something new soon. I really need to greave right now over what it means to be a woman in the... Continue Reading →

Guest Posting

My post for today is actually over at Barefoot in a Holler. You should check it out! Spiritual Calling Calling is more than desires. It's all the little things....

Hosea 9

Bottom line... this chapter really got to me.

Worship in the Word

I'm so excited to have this guest post from Kristen Carden on Worship. Our idea of worship can so often be skewed.

Hosea 8

I guess this is what happens when you go on vacation. Even with the best of intentions you end up two days late on your posts!! So here it is. Chapter 8, two days late. As has been with Hosea the text is talking about judgement and retribution. But, as I have so far, I'm... Continue Reading →

Vacay :)

Family Vacation I used to have this anticipation of relaxation. That my husband would take the kids some mornings, and we could have fast food, or convenience food at least. Fairly quickly I learned to live without this dream. Vacations with children are not relaxing. I end up doing more work and getting less sleep... Continue Reading →

A Peace of Spring

The sounds of the spring evenings are a musical minagere of spring peepers, whiporwhil, and crickets. The air is slightly chilled. No Bugs! And the heavy scent of apple blossoms is all encompassing. I love spring! It's been so long in coming this year. The year winter would not end. I find myself counting the... Continue Reading →

Hosea 7

There are some really great analogies that point us in a good direction for our faith every day.

Hosea 6

God continues to warn of judgement and prove His faithful passion for His people.

Suffocation, (otherwise known as depression)

A musing poem on Depression.

Time With God

Why do we make such rigid rules for things like being in God's word? Are we comfortable thinking outside the box?

Hosea 5

This chapter points to the different ways we encounter God. And, most importantly, how He wants us to come to Him.

Poetry 2

A silly and sad attempt at poetry, I'm afraid. But from my heart none the less...

Lordship and Self Identity

Our identity is derived from the identity of God. John Frame is a helpful resource for God's Lordship and our identity.

Hosea Chapter 4

A precious look into a prophetic scripture and what it has to say for us today.

Dead Babies

I had a strange conversation about abortion lately. Why do we need to have certain freedoms that make us less free?

Abigail, a message for feminism

What does Abigails story say for today's feminists.

Hosea: chapter 3

So, after the last chapter we are left with a little puzzle. How do we get from condemnation for unfaithfulness to wooing and healing of relationship? How do we get from Not My People, and No Mercy, to My People and My God? It seems like an abrupt leap. I would warent that it's intended... Continue Reading →

Weight loss journey

Living convictedly is a challenge in all areas of life. Daniel 1 has some helpful insights into what we eat and drink.

The Lies We Believe

When is the last time we took a good critical inward glance in our lives of hectic swager?

Hosea: chapter 2

Hosea's prophecy if a beautiful moving masterpiece of prophetic symbolism. The passion of redemption in chapter two cannot be overlooked.


A short (and probably terrible) attempt at poetry.

Favorite scripture!!

Come on tell me your favorite! I just saw this on another blog and what a great way to expand you knowledge of what God does through His word. So tell me, what are your favorite passages!

A Word on Life: Counseling

Some questions about counseling and blogging.

Hosea chapter 1

Study on the fist chapter of Hosea.


Rejoicing in Gods sufficiency in Holy Week and his blessings to us to let us be a part of his work, now.

On life… True Womanhood?

A rumination on being a woman.


A right view of one of the primary characters of the book of Hosea.

Hosea: I will

Gods statement "I will" is the fist emphasis of Hosea.

Hosea and Gomer

Join me to study Hosea.

A Word on Life: The Depressed

Phillipians has some practicle words of advice while dealing with depression.

Hannah: Grace and favor

Hannah's love of God overflowed onto the destiny of her unborn child. May we remember this for our own little ones!

“…Love is meant for beauty queens…” Leah

In Genesis we read about Leah and her struggle with a loveless life.

The Candle

Tips for facing burn out!

Thoroughly Modern Martha

A refreshing look at Martha in scripture.

Why Hadassah?

Esther and the hidden beauties of God's plan for us as women.

Bringing myself back

I'm starting this blog to bring myself back. Back to who I am as a person. Back to a centering on what's important in my life. And mostly back to a daily reminder of who God is and His purposes for me. Much better than where things have been... (cue, background life noise.)

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