Not from Hosea

Normally today would. Be my post from my Hosea study, but summer has fully overtaken me so nothing of the sort has occurred for a while!

Today I am just wanting to say a word of encouragement to those that are engaging in “fruitless” ministry. That’s what the picture’s about. The “people are using your entrance as a toilet” kind. You know, the day to day kind of dragging, real life, seems to be accomplishing the opposite kind of thing. The ministry that’s like parenting.

I’ve been mired down in it for the summer duration with my children and extended family. It is so hard!

When the moments of sanity seem as illusive as the moments of stillness, and you can tell the difference between the two, you know you are in the thick of it.

But it’s not just parents in this. My husband goes through seasons of this in elder ministry, and my writer friends as they publish their next work.

It’s the hard work of loving something into fruitfulness that seems to not be accomplishing something for a LONG TIME! Our own feelings of fruitlessness ultimately result in the blessing of fruit in another’s life. And that is where we take hope.

This is why the hope of the gospel is not PRIMARILY a hope for today. That is why in Hebrews 11-12 we are hearing about a hope in heaven. We are working, always, for a delayed gratification.

I read a post today about a man who faced 7 years and 16 books worth of writing rejection. I could not have been more inspired!! No mater what the goal is that we are working towards; whether book, children, ministry, or career, take hope! God is doing more than you can imagine in your wildest mind!

Praise Him for that!

4 thoughts on “Not from Hosea

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  1. 16 books in seven years? Even seven books in 16 years seems a bit much. I’m happy for one or two posts in a year to get much notice.

    Patience. Patience. Patience.

    It’s likely when you are slacking is when someone else is picking it up because God has you tending to your children and in-laws.

    Very pleasant site.

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    1. Thank you! That’s what I thought too! I’m a year into my first book and haven’t even finished the first draft. Lol

      Maybe by the time I’m on my 16th I’ll be cooking them out like that.

      Thanks for the visit!!

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