Suffocation, (otherwise known as depression)


To sum up in words a moment of depressive struggle:

Spining, no not spinning

Crazy, no not crazy,

Pain, yes that one works

Confusion, that’s obvious

Heaviness, no words

Fleeing to see clear once again.

Can I get out of my own mind?

Is there a place that feels safe?

And Numbness,

yes, that’s a good one

Breath catching in your throat

Tension through your whole body

then the Tears come.

Finally some release!

With them come a measure of understanding

Perhaps the sobs shake loose the truth

Perhaps instead of a moment of breaking

this is a moment of healing



2 thoughts on “Suffocation, (otherwise known as depression)

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  1. Oh bless you sister! I do that you do not live with this daily. I am familiar enough with this overwhelming and dark emotion. I have addressed ANXIETY and TOUGH STUFF in my blog, as well as HOPE and joy. Would you like to join our community of intergenerational women called Titus Women’s Gathering? It is a closed group and we are quite good at loving on each other, encouraging each other, counseling one another and praying for one another. I will add you if you would like to join. God bless you, precious creation of God.

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