Unforgivable, by Giosue Petrone

The Story

A lovely African woman is cooking outside her home. It’s mid afternoon and she calls after some children running by. She begins to tell us a little about her family, her ethnicity, and a piece of her life struggle. That’s when you notice her movements are a little odd. She seems normal in every way… except she is missing her right hand!

image from Unforgivable .com.

A Documentary

I just saw the most amazing documentary tonight. Giosue Petrone, the director and producer of this exploration into hope and faith, has outdone himself.

My family attended a showing of this film tonight and despite it being almost completely in subtitles my children sat, riveted, through the whole thing.

Giosue takes a rather unusual look into humanitarian work and the distance the human soul can walk in search of healing. Ultimately, we wait and see where journeys can take the people in this film, and what it takes for them to recognize the hand of God in their lives.

There is so much to be said about the amazing story that he uncovered in the back country of Rwanda, but I don’t want to give it away. You really have to see it.

You get a small glimpse into both extremes of the human condition, our potential for destructive evil and beautiful healing that overflows in a wash of love to the world.

The Information

To get more information on the film you can go to unforgivablefilm.com or click HERE. Much of the website it in Italian because that’s where the film was made, but it’s worth clicking around in case it is coming to a theater or church near you.

If there isn’t a showing near you they are trying to get it on Netflix or PBS sometime soon, so you can keep an eye open on their listings. Or, if all else fails it will be on iTunes in the spring.

Please, take the time to look into seeing this documentary with as many people as you can. The story is life changing and a conversation worth having!

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