Vacay :)

Family Vacation

I used to have this anticipation of relaxation. That my husband would take the kids some mornings, and we could have fast food, or convenience food at least. Fairly quickly I learned to live without this dream. Vacations with children are not relaxing. I end up doing more work and getting less sleep in order for my children to have the experiences that shape their childhood.

image_548801953706054This is one of those rare chances I get to not be on the other kind of vacation for an hour. My hubby has taken the kids for their naps so I can sit at a starbucks for a couple hours to write and enjoy not being in my busy style of life.

And what do I have to say in these moments? Nothing. And the frustration sets in.

If nothing else I will get an hour to get away and contemplate my life.


So where are we? We went to a condo in Branson Missouri for a family trip with my family. Mostly that has meant that the kids have gone swimming every day and the hubby has gotten a sunburn from hours of motorcycle riding. We have gotten a chance to go on a long ride with my sister and her hubby while my parents took the kids out for ice cream. And we went to this showcase of a bunch of the shows in the area so we could see if we wanted to go to any of them. The little ones couldnt even make it through the showcase! So not this year.

I am enjoying myself!

And why you might ask if I have an outlook on this of no relaxation or sleep? Because I went into this with that as an expectation. I knew that this is how that would be. So, I can choose to see that as a horrible misadventure of a “vacation” experience, or I can see the good in it. It won’t change that my idea of a vacation is one where I get to sleep in and not cook, but it will change my attitude about the vacation I get to be on. The kids are loving every minute of this trip. Their chances to swim and see the sights. That they get to eat ice cream almost everyday! And I will take this moment in the coffee shop by myself to the best of my ability! (Even though I’d rather be getting a massage! lol)

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