On life… True Womanhood?

I like this old post from March and was wanting to reshare it today.

The Modern Hadassah

So, I have a lot inside me tonight. And I will write because if I don’t create I go mad. (Can I get an amen from anyone!?) And so, I ruminate here.

I have struggled recently, for the first time I must admit, with being a woman. I am faced with what might be considered a mid life crisis. (Although, I hope not being I’m barely 30. That doesn’t bode well for my longevity.) I am past the point of baring more children and all the difficulty that consumes your life along with that. And, thus, am looking into a future beyond these little years and wondering, “what will that look like?”

Average questions, right? These are things to ponder relevantly at most junctures. The difficulty is that as I have pressed into these questions, hoping to answer them with opportunities for growth and quality investment, I have met with…

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