Polar Vortex

It’s a comfort knowing that the last time things were this cold was five years ago when one of my sons was born. There were ice dams like a ski jump off the windows in my hospital room. So much for the record setting of 2014. We are about to blow that out of the water.

It’s kind of cool to be a part of memory making events like these. My kids will be able to tell their kids what it was like to be living when this happened.

That is, hoping this isn’t a new trend …

We are a little stir crazy, admittedly, but I haven’t minded too much. We were outside for a play day in the snow even though it was -2 and no one seemed to notice that much. I think that means I have become a snow bunny finally. But with how cold the rabbits have been, maybe that doesn’t mean much.

Here’s to staying warm and hoping for a quick spring!!

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