On Prayer

A post on prayer. Through the worst of my struggle I have learned about the power to move the tallest mountains. The ones within myself.

Polar Vortex

It's a comfort knowing that the last time things were this cold was five years ago when one of my sons was born. There were ice dams like a ski jump off the windows in my hospital room. So much for the record setting of 2014. We are about to blow that out of the... Continue Reading →

Step 1 in a Fresh Direction

I'm excited to announce I've finally made the connection on Bloglovin! Please find me there! I'm just figuring it all out!


I'm reading the Frankenstein this fall. What are you reading?

Hunting Season

Some thoughts on how I (can't) handle hunting season.

No more baby season

Who knew it could be so hard?

Blogger Award! What?!

This is the second time in one week that I have been nominated for a blogging award and I am so... shocked! Thank you to Pamela at Help Momma Sparkle for your gracious nomination. Here are the questions she asked me and the others to answer. After my answers you will see my nominations along with... Continue Reading →

Blogger Awards!

I had no idea that blogger awards were a thing until this week when I was nominated for TWO! Thank you so much to Erica at Grand Fashion Life for your nomination! I had no idea what that meant at the time, so I'm sorry this post is coming so late! Thank you , too, for... Continue Reading →

Blogtober… I’m going for it!

That time again. And for me, the first time! Blogtober is that fabulous time of year when all the beautifully skilled writers who flood the internet take to developing their craft by posting their handywork EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am going to try my skill and throw in with them! It's blogtober. Already. And I'm... Continue Reading →

Short Story Sunday: Now

Shuffling papers quickly, I finish my passing time necessities just in time to catch a glimpse of her coming down the hall. She has her eyes rolling back and forth from wall to wall and along the floor in between, as she usually does. She moves at a long paced saunter down the hall, stopping... Continue Reading →

The Lies We Believe

When is the last time we took a good critical inward glance in our lives of hectic swager?


A short (and probably terrible) attempt at poetry.

A Word on Life: Counseling

Some questions about counseling and blogging.

Hosea chapter 1

Study on the fist chapter of Hosea.


Rejoicing in Gods sufficiency in Holy Week and his blessings to us to let us be a part of his work, now.

On life… True Womanhood?

A rumination on being a woman.

Bringing myself back

I'm starting this blog to bring myself back. Back to who I am as a person. Back to a centering on what's important in my life. And mostly back to a daily reminder of who God is and His purposes for me. Much better than where things have been... (cue, background life noise.)

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