Blogger Awards!

I had no idea that blogger awards were a thing until this week when I was nominated for TWO!

Thank you so much to Erica at Grand Fashion Life for your nomination! I had no idea what that meant at the time, so I’m sorry this post is coming so late!

Thank you , too, for bringing me into this loop of the bloggersphere! It’s great to be a part of!

The Rules:

• Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

• Write a post and explain how your blog got started

• Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers

• Nominate 12 other bloggers you feel deserves some recognition

• Comment on each blog nominating them, providing the link to the post you created

How I got started:

A little more than a year ago I was walking through some hard stuff with self identity and choices for my future. I had some big decisions to make in regard to how I viewed myself and what direction I would be headed in, and the beginning of this was my blog.

I have always loved writing and knew that this was probably the next step in taking myself seriously as a person, and what I needed to do to be a part of ministry when God was working, and j would be able to join Him.

It has really become something significant to me as I am able to explore different genres and get valuable feedback from others. Thanks to everyone who has shown how much they care about me!!

Advice 1:

Don’t be so afraid. I was afraid of everything when I started, and I have had my share of negative feedback, but it has all worked for my good. All the good and all the bad of this grows you into the writer you are supposed to be!

Advice 2:

Find balance. It can be really tempting to do everything that “they” say you should to be successful and then completely loose your own voice in the shuffle. Take your time to find your voice and implement the suggestions that fit you. It’s not a race.


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8 thoughts on “Blogger Awards!

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  1. I absolutely agree that blogging is such a good way to get to know yourself better, I started blogging for the same reason! And that advice is so relevant for newbies like me. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Lots of love, Lavrax xxx

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  2. So full disclosure–I’m not a religious person, although I grew up in a home where I was expected to learn Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism. But I am pleasantly surprised and intrigued to see your Hosea pages because I do find religion significant and interesting. I studied philosophy in college, particularly the philosophy of religion, and how illogical it actually is, based on certain philosophic theories, to think humanity suddenly manifested from nothing (e.g. sure we can look at science and evolution and the big bang theory but when you reason down to that level and take it as a given for the sake of a hypothetical, what created the science, the matter, and other catalysts that led to mankind). In other words, I love reading about religion and am generally on the fence about it on a spiritual level (I just haven’t gotten there yet and maybe one day I will) but think it is the most interesting thing and not from a condescending standpoint but just appreciating the complexities people miss when they dismiss it too readily. Anyways, long story short, I was intrigued and look forward to reading some of your posts on religion.

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    1. Absolutely! That’s one of the best things about studying Theology. There really isn’t much that can force your mind outside itself more completely than God. There is so much more to the philosophy of God than what we hear about with regularity in our religious practice. I’m excited if you do dig in! Would love to read about and discuss what you discover!!


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