Tapestry of Calling

What about Calling?

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do. Hebrews 6:10

A word for encouragement today!

I know I needed to hear it when I came across it in my bible time the other day. That has been one of my biggest struggles of late. Trying to figure out what my calling is leading me to and how I am supposed to be working as a part of God’s kingdom.

Spiritual Calling

When we ponder our calling we can often relegate this to some super mystical, only spiritual, experience. While that is a part of it, it’s not all of it. A calling on the life of the believer is worked out everyday as they walk through each of the situations God has given them. God is not overlooking the work and love you show, for His name. That’s a chance we have constantly. Every moment of every day.

How are you doing that? Well, that is a piece of your calling.

A Tapestry of Life… and Calling

God has given us these moments to live for His glory. As those moments string into days, and days into years, we begin to see the picture of His calling on our life. When we look back on the direction our life has taken we will see a shakey picture of what our calling was and is.

We will see the tapestry that God has woven our life into. We will see what the intention of those strong lines of red and black was. Why the green kept coming back, over and over again, when we thought we had ended that strand. We will understand why God kept tearing out all the magenta we kept trying to put in there. Yet we may never understand that streak of gray.

A tricky question

To ask me what my calling is, would be to ask me to guess at what the tapestry will look like. All I know is that it’s a picture of the image of God. One that He is weaving together through the choices I make and the directions He takes me.

What is my calling?

To glorify God and enjoy Him forever. God is not unjust. He is not overlooking even the smallest acts done in His name. And therein is a mystery…

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  1. I have experienced this search for a call several times in my life. The hardest part is doing nothing. I wrote several blogs about it and the frustration of waiting. God does answer in God’s own time but waiting is the pits.

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