Colorado Love

I’m in Colorado this week for my husbands hunting trip. We both get to spend a little time closer to heaven. 😊

Luckily enough for me one of my best friends lives in the state, so I get to hang out with her while they freeze outdoors and stalk elk.

I’m sure my Instagram will be littered with pictures of the beautiful sights here.

I positively adore nature here. There’s no way you can’t feel your smallness beside these mountains; the beauty of Gods goodness in the deep serenity of this place.


When we are here (almost every year) my husband tries to convince me to move here. And, every year, I am so close to being convinced.

This place really is wonderful. The mountains are clear from the window of my fifth wheel, their snow dusted peaks so lovely and foreboding. The kids and I went for a short bike ride this evening and came within a few paces of three mule deer who didn’t spook for a full 10 minutes.

The atmosphere is lovely, you can understand why I’m so close to moving here every year.

Why not?

Our house in Minnesota is within 2 miles of my parents house. I love our home for its lovely location, but even more for the support we receive there from our family, friends, and loved ones.

I don’t know how I would survive this phase of life without my mother a mile away, and a church community that is supportive of our children and my husband. Not that we couldn’t find that in Colorado, but it would be such a miserable learning curve for all of us.

So, we stay…

Until the kids are self sufficient, or I feel confident enough in my mothering skills. The hubby sees it as a new 5 year plan!

Colorado my (someday) home!?!

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