Mary, sister of Lazarus

Mary is a little oblivious, but a lover of Gods Word.

Eve – ezer, not after thought

Often the message to women is that we only exist to complete men. Gods purposes are much greater than that!

The Daughters’ Inheritance – on Job’s daughters

A beautifully written article about Jobs daughters from Anne Mackie Morelli.
Job gave his daughters a legacy much grander then simple economics and mere beauty. He sought to emulate his God and celebrate their innate worth.

The Woman, Wisdom Proverbs 4:1-9

Wisdom is a Woman in proverbs. And so is folly. What does this mean for us?

The Rose of Sharon

The Shulamite is a wonderful example of the romantic depth we can have as humans, and the beauty of Christ's passion for the church.

Abigail, a message for feminism

What does Abigails story say for today's feminists.


A right view of one of the primary characters of the book of Hosea.

Hannah: Grace and favor

Hannah's love of God overflowed onto the destiny of her unborn child. May we remember this for our own little ones!

“…Love is meant for beauty queens…” Leah

In Genesis we read about Leah and her struggle with a loveless life.

Thoroughly Modern Martha

A refreshing look at Martha in scripture.

Why Hadassah?

Esther and the hidden beauties of God's plan for us as women.

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